Aliens or "Extraterrestrial life" refer to any creature that is not born or lives on the Earth, Sun, or  Moon Realm. During Kutaro's journey, he encounters several strange aliens.



They appear as Purple octopus like creatures with big green glowing eyes. They came from mars and tend to get in the way of Kutaro's journey through space to catch General Monkey. They jump when interacted, you can pass them by doing nothing.



They appear as Green squid like creatures with little red eyes. They came from Venus and tend to get in the way of Kutaro's journey throe space to catch General monkey. they get in front of your path, prompting you to jump over them


An alien species well known to earth, they appear as gray color humanoids, with big heads and big black eyes, they also travel around with UFO's. They are involved in a Bonus stage in act:6 curtain:1. there home planet is unknown.

little UFO's

They appear as tiny UFO's (unknown if this is the alien or if there's a tiny alien driving it).In the spaceship graveyard Kutaro and Pikarina pass by to catch General Monkey, they can be seen inside a big broken rocket. when interacted, they fly around dropping Moon Sparkles before going away.

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