"Step forward, boy, and take your destiny in hand."
— Calibrus calling to Kutaro to claim him as his chosen one.

A magical and legendary set of scissors that once belonged to the Moon Goddess, before the Moon Bear King stole and used them to dethrone her. Ezma Potts sent many poor captured puppet children on suicide missions to retrieved them, but none managed to ever even return, except for Kutaro, who it chose as its wielder and uses them against the Moon Bear King and his forces. It is said that only those who had a heart as pure as the Moon Goddess or magic as pernicious as the Moon Bear King could wield the scissors, since he appears to be sentinel.


Calibrus appear to be gold, but has two forms. When he is seen bounded by the Vile Vines, he was large and had a menacing look to match the Moon Bear King and his corrupting dark magic. But when claimed by his chosen one, Kutaro, it took a much smaller, yet more benevolent form to match the boy and his pure heart.



These sorcerous scissors are said to be capable of cutting through just about anything. Two modes have been seen, a normal mode that can only cut a little and a flame mode for more powerful cuts that can cut through anything and even serves as a makeshift sword when its closed.


Cut: Press the SquareButton to cut.

Sky Cut: Press SquareButton while jumping.

Boost Cut: After gaining some of the Trident's power, press SquareButton , wait, then press SquareButton again.


Use your trusty Calibrus.

Repeatedly tap SquareButton, to juggle the enemies and not give them a chance.

Pulling your enemies to you with the hookclaw and then cut them is the best and quickest attack.

Slams are kind of useless and require you to be above them.

Bombs takes time to blow, but are good for groups of enemies.

Deflecting can at times be useful, but not that often.


  • Calibrus' form reflects the heart of its user.