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Captain Gaff
Gender Male
Games Puppeteer (PS3)
Status Alive
Voice By Simon Greenall
Locations Moonshine Sea

"Ahoy! Where be me fair Ezma?"
— Captain Gaff

A legendary pirate whose ship is stolen by General Sheep and Pig. After being freed from captivity by Kutaro, he joins forces with him in a bid to retake his ship.


Gaff has an average man build, with grey long hair and a three spike gray beard. He's dressed in a pirate captain's outfit.


  • Captain Gaff bears more than a passing resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • A reason Captain Gaff fell in love with Ezma Potts is likely because of his curse - because all beautiful women he saw were seen as monsters, it's likely that he saw Ezma as a beautiful woman.

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