Castle Grizzlestein


Moon Realm


Puppeteer (PS3)

It is a dark moving castle, and where the Moon Bear King resides. It is also known as the Black Castle.


Built by General Monkey, the Moon Bear King ruled the Moon Realm from his castle! It severed as a dark reflection of the white castle otherwise named Castle Wax Wane. Here is where he would steal the souls of children and turn them into puppets or Grubs to serve him and keep the castle working and clean. He had vile vines surround the castle to further its power, danger, and control.


A dark and gloomy medieval place. Made of stone and covered in vines. Its covered with spider webs and cracks, with many towers. It also has very large metal legs that allow it to move. It also has many cannons.


Tower of Tribulation
Prison Towers


  • The Grizz in Grizzlestein refers to grizzly bear, which is referencing that fact that the castle is ruled by a bear, namely the Moon Bear King.

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