Act 2

Act 7: The Tyrant King

Act 7 Curtain 2: Kutaro returns to the Moon, to find that not only do they have no idea how to restore the White Moonstone, but also that the White Castle is under attack by the Black Castle's Grubs and Vile Vines. Can Kutaro put the Moonstone back together, restore the Moon Goddess and save Castle Wax Wane before it too late?

Act 7 Curtain 3: The time has come!! With the White Moonstone and Castle Wax Wane restored, the stage is set for the final battle against Castle Grizzlestein and its tyrannical master: the Moon Bear King, where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Soon Kutaro, Hero of the Moon will face the Bear Tyrant, who was now more powerful than even the Sun and the goddess thanks to the stolen souls of Earth's children, for not only his fate, but the fate of us all. Can he finally triumph over the monstrous Tyrant King once and for all??!!

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