Cedar Couple
Cedar Couple artwork


Male (Father Cedar) and Female (Mother Cedar)


Puppeteer (PS3)



"'THE GODS! The gods of the Moonwood--are in Danger!!."
Kappagaeru Mamma

The Cedar Couple are very large trees which serve as the Guardians and the life source of the Moonwood forest. They are also the oldest trees in the Moonwood. One is known as Father Cedar and the other is known as Mother Cedar.


They are 2 very old huge trees with faces on them, Father Cedar and Mother Cedar.

Father Cedar is very thin, and has a grey moustache. He also has no "hair" referring to canopy on top of his head.

Mother Cedar is a fat tree with lipstick and glasses. She has a large canopy full of leaves.


  • Cedar refers to Cedar wood which comes from several different trees that grow in different parts of the world, and may have different uses. which matches to the Cedar Couple.
  • The  Cedar Couple and their head also have a bonsai tree theme.
  • Mother Cedar's glasses can be taken off during the battle with General Rat. The simple change in appearance causes Father Cedar to view his wife as beautiful again.