The Cedar Couple were two trees who fell in love with each other and become really close, (literally). As they grew the developed many children or in other words, trees and plant life that later become what is known now as the Moonwood. After which many animals and moon creatures moved in and called it home, looking up to the Cedar Couple as their guardians.

As time pass however and they grew old, the magic feeling of love between them started to fade away, as they began to notice certain things about each other that they disliked. Father cedar notice how Mother cedar was getting fat, and Mother cedar notice how much Father cedar began to stink. They learned to live with each other until, that is...General Rat came along. When the Cedar Couple heard of General Rat's Plum Miraculixer through the Moonwood. They were honored when he visited them, offering his Plum Miraculixer at a special price with a free trail, insisting it will cure them of what they disliked in each other and restore there love in full bloom. But when the Cedar Couple tried the Plum Miraculixer it came with a nasty result. They were covered with huge blobs of Plum Miraculixer which began to make them sick, if nothing was done they would die, and so would the Moonwood. General Rat's plan all along. Luckily, Kutaro and Pikarina made it to the top of the Cedar Couple were they were able to blast off the blobs of Plum Miraculixer, cure and save the Cedar Couple, and defeat General Rat. After claiming he was sorry and that it was the Moon Bear King who made him do it, the Cedar Couple decided to give him another chance, which he then tried to offer his Plum Miraculixer again, but was quickly put down by Kutaro and Pikarina.

All was not well though, as soon after General Snake was freed and was on the hunt for Kutaro, Destroying the whole Moonwood in the process. The Cedar Couple told Kutaro to stop General Snake before he destroys the Moonwood completely, blowing him, Pikarina and General Rat towards General snake himself. After some close calls, Kutaro was finally able to slay General Snake before his venom got to the Cedar Couple. With the Cedar Couple safe, soon the Moonwood would grow big and beautiful and return to normal.

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