Act 2, Curtain 2

  • (Father cedar) When you've got as much mileage as us, you start to develop certain--well, issues
  • (Father cedar) Well, one of us is a little F-A-T.
  • (Father cedar) I'm not the "one of us" with the problem. Catch my drift?
  • (Mother cedar) Well, while you're 'catching his drift'...
  • (Mother cedar) Do you smell that?
  • (Mother cedar) It's not me. Guess who it is.
  • (Mother cedar) Cease! Desist! Will no one get this grisly goop off me?

Act 2, Curtain 3

  • (Father cedar) Slithering scourges! The Moonwood!
  • (Mother cedar) Help us, Kutaro! You have to stop that snake!

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