After Kutaro defeated General Horse, General Bull angrily challenged Kutaro to a fight in the Coliseum. After landing in Loco Caliente and being greeted by the townsfolk excited for his match against Bull, the referee (General Monkey in disguise) tells him he's going to be late. Kutaro and Pikarina begin climbing building after building, looking for the Coliseum in the crazy city. They eventually find it and Kutaro makes a crash landing, striking the first blow against General bull, and with the sound of the bell, GONG! the fight began!!!

During and after the fight, the Coliseum suffered major damage. But when the dust settled, it was Kutaro who grabbed the bull by the horns and was left standing! The crowd rejoiced! And Kutaro was reward the champion belt, and more importantly General Bull's piece of the Moonstone! As the crowd carried off the winner however, a trap by General Monkey has been set! to reveal itself in the next Act...

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