Outer Space


Puppeteer (PS3)

"The light of Earth his only guide."

The Earth is the third planet in the solar system, and where humans live. Its also the home of Kutaro. The Earth's Moon is where the story takes place.


The Earth is a round planet and from far, has green land, blue water and clouds.


About three years ago, when the Moon Bear King took over the Moon Realm, he began stealing the souls of Earth's children and turning them into his puppet slaves or grubs. On Earth, childern would be missing or unconscious all around the world due to their souls being taken. Along with this, the Earth also had no moonlight, since the moonstone was broken and the Moon Bear King shroulded the whole Moon in darkness, unknown to the humans who lived there. Later on, Kutaro's soul would be taken from his home on Earth and sent to the Moon. Where the story begins....

It is later revealed that the moon bear king or more accurately general dragon could only take a few souls at a time because of a barrier between the Earth and the Moon. However when the moon clock was forced to strike at midnight by general monkey, all the remaining sleeping children suffered endless nightmares, and the gate/barrier to the Earth was broken, allowing general dragon to steal all the children's souls at once and take them to the Moon Bear King, until Kutaro stopped them.

When all was said and done, all the children's souls went back to the Earth and Kutaro defeated the Moon Bear King. The moon goddess gathered a path of stars, where Kutaro used Calibrus to cut his way back home at earth, more accurately Japan.


  • While on the Moon, in Act 5 Curtain 3, it shows that the Earth acts as the Moon's very own Moon, glowing and sending light during night on the Moon.
  • In the story Beaming Beauty, when Pikarina visited all the planets to give them sunlight. Earth was never mention or shown.
  • Supposedly according to Act 7 Curtain 1, Christmas was a moon tradition that Earth copied from.