Ezma Potts
Puppeteer weirdart
Gender Female
Species Witch
Games Puppeteer (PS3)
Status No longer exists
Voice By Rachel Atkins

"Yes, dearie. Give me the Moonstone...and your brains."
— Ezma Potts

A witch working in the kitchen of Castle Grizzlestein for the Moon Bear King, she's also Ying-Yang's most recent owner. She has been plotting to overthrow the Moon Bear King by enlisting brave child puppets into trying to steal Calibrus back from the tyrant. It wasn't until Kutaro came along that her plan was successful.


She appears as an ugly witch, with a big nose, chin, and hair, complete with many pins and decorations. Her skin and hair are white and her outfit is purple and red, along with an apron filled with cooking tools. She also appears to be a rather fat witch.


Ezma is a grumpy, mean, nasty and bossy witch. She is easily angered and often yells at Kutaro, Pikarina, Yin-yang and the puppet servants, often calling them idiots or turning Pikarina into an assortment of things. She is also sly and untrustworthy as she secretly wanted Calibrus and planned to betray Kutaro and Pikarina, so that she could become the Moon Goddess.

Powers and Abilities

Ezma Potts, as a witch, possesses magical powers and can cast many spells.

  • Luna Kazoo: One of the Moon Witch's most common spells. With this spell, which she only casts on Pikarina or Yin-yang, if they are annoying her, Ezma Potts can turn someone into different objects such as a seagull or a branch, among other things.
  • Luna Bitpart: A spell that summons a white grub-like creature which she usually uses to help Kutaro learn how to use his powers.
  • Luna Glove: This spell transforms Ezma Potts into a gigantic boxing glove.

Ezma Potts can create magical portals for Kutaro and his companion to travel through. She can lift objects and things into the air using telekinesis. She can fly through air and space on her enchanted fork. The Moon Witch can create and blast orbs of silvery, offensive orbs. Ezma can conjure items and objects out of thin air.


  • She carries many themes and styles to the witches or hags found in fairytales and folklore.
  • During the battle between Captain Gaff and Generals Pig and sheep on the mast of the Jolly Lambham, they start taking out different objects to fight with, one later on being the Ezma herself much to her surprise as she calls out "what am I even doing here".
  • Her spells all begin with Luna, which means moon.