Dissatisfied with the evil king's rule she sends countless puppet children on suicide missions to retrieve Calibrus. They all failed to return until Kutaro arrived and was able to obtain the scissors. However, Calibrus deemed her unworthy to wield it and she had to entrust Kutaro with saving the Moon Kingdom. However, we are still unsure what her true intentions are. Moon Witch aka (Also known as) Ezma Potts.

When hearing indirectly from General Tiger, about the knight's powers in the Prison Towers, she sent Kutaro to retrieved it. After doing so, she teaches him how to use it, then leaving him to escape the Towers. After defeating Tiger, rescuing Pikarina and getting his Moonstone piece, Ezma became so impressed at how her latest puppet pawn is so much more successful than the other failed puppet children, she decides to become his benefactor and then escape the Black Castle with Kutaro, Pikarina and Ying-Yang in tow.

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