General Bull
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Gender Male
Species Bull
Games Puppeteer
Status N/A
Voice By Luis Soto
Locations Wild Waste

"My Moo-oon-stone shard? Get real, tiny. I'm not that stupid! "
— General Bull

General Bull is one of the Moon Bear King's Twelve generals. He is the last Boss of Act 4.


He is a robotic bull with a shape and pattern that gives the impression of a piece of construction machinery.


General Bull cannot stand to lose, and is extremely arrogant. Bull doesn't care how much destruction he causes as long as he gets what he wants. He is supremely self-confident about his physical abilities, especially his brute force, and is fiercely proud to be the champion of the fighting arena of Loco Caliente. He rarely ignores a challenge unless he thinks its too easy for him. General Bull is loyal to Moon Bear King, but prioritizes his racing with General Horse over his orders to find and destroy Kutaro. General Horse is his wife, with whom he races daily in a contest of endless winners and losers.


Alongside his wife General Horse, he is charged with ruling over the Moon's Wild Waste and destroying Kutaro. However he neglects his duties in order to race his wife. It is worth noting that their races cause much pollution and destruction in the Wild Waste along with attempting to destroy Kutaro (if only for the sake of getting even with him for ruining their race and mocking them) so one could say that he was inadvertently fulfilling his duties.


  • General Bull  eats beef despite being a type of beef himself. Though only milk-fed Moonwood beef, due to his tender stomach. His apparent cannibleism clashes with his clearly robotic nature.
  • Being a bull, he has a tendency to accentuate the "moo" in "Moonstone" and other such words.