General Dog
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Puppeteer (PS3)



Voice By

Mark Lewis Jones

"I know you love me."
— General Dog

General Dog is one of the Moon Bear King's twelve generals. After his defeat, General Monkey creates General Robo Dog.


He is large canine that is mostly half dog and half machine. He is not entirely sure where all his body parts came from.


When tethered, or being handled nicely by General Monkey, General Dog seems like an obedient domestic pet. He does as he is told, attacking anyone who attempts to enter Hallowee Ville, but has no particular lines. Either he is very good natured, or rather dim. Most likely, it’s the latter. He is completely loyal to the Moon Bear King. He is also utterly obedient to General Monkey although they are of equal rank.


General Dog was in charge of preventing any resident of Hallowee Ville from escaping so General Monkey could continue his experiments on them.


  • General Dog is often considered the least intelligent of the 12 generals due to his very simple mind-set.
  • General Dog was a big normal dog, until Monkey experimented on him.
  • General Dog is the only General that gave Kutaro his weakness.
  • His attack pattern is the same as Tiger's.

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