General Dragon
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Puppeteer (PS3)

Voice By

Kerry Shale

"Did you seriously just cut off my tail? Tell me you didn't just cut off my tail"
— General Dragon while Kutaro cut off General Dragon whole tail.

General Dragon is one of the Moon Bear King's Twelve generals, and is apparently the most powerful of them all. He acts as the last Boss of Act 6


Dragon is a Chinese-style flying, serpentine beast, with gemstones in his hands.


General Dragon's major task is to gather souls of children to feed the Moon Bear King. This is likely the reason he is never seen. His role becomes even more important during when the Moon Bear King tries to steal all the children's souls at once through the use of the Moon Clock.


Having an abnormally long battle against the general without even the help from Heads, Dragon is arguably the most powerful of the Twelve Generals. Like most dragons, he's capable of breathing large streams of fire and also spit fireballs. Dragon also uses his overwhelmingly long body and sharp scales to his advantage by trying to ram it into Kutaro. 

Being a carrier of the souls of children Dragon is arguably also capable of instantly turning them into Grubs while also summoning them in the battle. Also when he was in the sky he was surrounded by several charged clouds that unleashed bolts towards Kutaro, suggest he may have power over lightning or is resistant to electricity himself.

Also, he can use his piece of the Moonstone, to use telekinesis on his opponents, such as when he did during his fight with Kutaro, when he froze Kutaro in the air so he could eat him.


  • Strangely enough, General Dragon's speaking voice has a Brooklyn accent, which changes his terrifying demeanor from the beginning of Act 6 Curtain 3
  • There are similarities between General Dragon and General Snake as they both have long bodies that Kutaro must race on to reach their heads.
  • Along with mostly likely being the most powerful and one of the most loyal of the generals, he is likely one of, if not the most successful of the generals alongside General Monkey, due to being able to complete his task of delivering the souls of Earth's children to the Moon Bear King even after being defeated by Kutaro.