General Horse
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Puppeteer (PS3)


Possibly Alive

Voice By

Jules de Jongh


Wild Waste

"I'll teach you to look a gift horse in the mouth!"
— General Horse

The 6th general Kutaro must confront. The wife of General Bull, they were once lovers, but due to the Moonstone Shards, they became locked in an endless racing tournament. She is incredibly self confident, and refuses to lose once she gets locked into any type of conflict. She and her husband barely notice Kutaro at first, though.


A tall horse with a lanky physique and a flamenco dress. She can transform into a locomotive (A True Iron Horse).


Driven and arrogant. She is supremely self-confident about her physical abilities, especially her powerful legs. She tries to settle issues by racing, but refuses to accept defeat when she loses. General Horse is loyal to Moon Bear King, but prioritizes her racing with General Bull over her orders to find and destroy Kutaro. Bull is her husband, with whom she races daily in a contest of endless winners and losers. However, she’s the winner, of course, of course, because she’s a horse.


General horse is able to transform into a train, which provides her with great speed. She also comes pact with missiles.


Along side General Bull, General Horse is charged with ruling over the Moon Wastes as well as destroying Kutaro, however she neglacted her duties in order to beat her husband in a race. It is worth noting that her race caused much confusion and chaos in the Moon Waste's meaning, along with attempting to destroy Kutaro (if only for the sake of getting even with him for ruining their race and mocking them) one could say she was inadvertantly fullfilling her duties.


  • General Horse is the only female General, although the gender of General Snake is unclear.
  • Despite being destroyed in at act 4 Curtain 2, she appears in the next act undamaged, dancing during Bull's fight. If this cameo is legit, then Horse is the only General confirmed to be alive after fighting Kutaro.