At some point in her life while working as one of the Moon Bear King's generals she married General Bull, they were both happy that was until they got a hold of spate pieces of the Moonstone. The power went to her head and made her extremely confident in her abilities as well as giving her an extremely aggressive treatment of competitive events. Her husband also developed a similar change, eventually their love turn to competition and pride and they became locked in an endless racing tournament, casting away their relationship in order to prove who's better than the other. However while their main focus was beating each other in a race, they did not neglect there duties of keeping the moonstone shards safe and controlling the Wild Waste.

Act 4, Curtain 1

She and Hrse continued their race, ignoring Kutaro, who then gave chase. But, even after gaining the wrestler's powers, Kutaro just seemed to insignificant to be worthy the pair's notice, compared to their competition.

Act 4, Curtain 2

Horse and Bull continued their race, but little did they know that Kutaro had enough of being ignored, and that he is going to get their attention. Eventually, Kutaro manages to stop the two Generals in their tracks and destroying their race cars, much to their anger.

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