General Pig
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General Pig








Puppeteer (PS3)

Voice By

Richard Ridings

"ZOINK! Son of a biscuit. eater, we're taking fire!"
— General Pig

General Pig is one part of the pirate general duo, General Pig is the second smallest general. As a pig, he is incredibly greedy, which is doubled due to his piracy. He isn't particularly bright, and is helped along by General Sheep. Though he and Sheep still fight over their booty, they still work well together.


He's a pig in a pirate’s hat that is disproportionately large considering his size. He is rotund, predictably, and has tusks and a beard. Thanks to his hat, snout, tusks, and beard, his face is almost completely obscured.


Pig is greedy, to the extent that even in life-threatening situations, he refuses to abandon his lust for material wealth. This avarice is in no way a hidden vice; it is rather a jovial (almost ridiculous) greed. Pig’s allegiance to the Moon Bear King seems motivated by material gain. Since they are both fiercely greedy, Pig fights constantly with General Sheep over the division of treasure and food, but they are nevertheless close partners.


Along with General Sheep, General Pig is charged with ruling the Moonshine Sea and eliminating possible threats such as the Pirate Captain and the denizions of the deep. Recently, their other task have been to capture the "Thief of Calibrus", Kutaro.


  • He replaces the last "Ho" of his "Yo ho ho"s with a "Hoink".
  • General Pig's captain hat is actually based on a pirate ship's mast and sail in addition to the sterotypical pirate hat design.
  • Pig's head can be seen in the cutscene in the beginning of Act 4 Curtain 3 in the background, while Sheep's head is in the foreground, showing they both died either when they exploded, or if the Moon Bear King killed them after.