General Rabbits
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Puppeteer (PS3)

Voice By

Timothy Watson

"Am i out of tricks?!"
— General Rabbit

A French rabbit magician who works with General Rooster to take control of the Land of Time's Clock Tower. Though he could've probably easily done it already, he mostly wastes time by enjoying tea with Rooster and hanging out in his own private Pocket Dimension.


Rabbit dresses like a magician as he wears a tuxedo with a cloak, a silk hat, and a cane. When in a hurry, he rides a unicycle with a fob watch design.


A wannabe gentleman with an egotistic streak. He values teatime above all else, and has great confidence in his conjuring abilities. Though loyal to the Moon Bear King, Rabbit quickly forgets his duties in favor of a relaxing teatime. General Rooster is his tea companion, both share many hours quaffing tea and talking about the weather.


General Rabbit and General Rooster are charged with ruling over the Land of Time and repairing the Moon Clock. However they neglacted their duties for tea parties.


  • In Act 6, Curtain 1, General Rabbit says "oh dear, I'm late!" before riding off, this is an obvious reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • General Rabbit's love of tea parties is another Alice in Wonderland reference.
  • He also replies that the Moon Bear King will have his head another Alice in Wonderland reference to the Queen of Hearts and her cry "Off WITH THEIR HEADS."
  • During his boss fight, one of the boxes that drop has his assistant in it, a female rabbit, who then slaps him, saying "How dare you left me in there to rot!" (apparently a disappear act, which he forgot to make her reappear). However, depending if you used the clock head to witness the scene where Nosferatu sucks her blood, she will turn into a vampire, and when rabbit opens the box that has her, she will come out attempting to suck his blood until she says, "Your not even handsome" and slap him anyways before leaving in bat form.
  • Another box, when opened, releases a puff of smoke that after clearing shows General Rabbit trapped in a glass tank full of water, at which Pikarina taunts: "Nice Escape, Houdini" this is a reference to a trick of Harry Houdini's that involves a water filled box as well. 
  • There is a Japanese folklore tale about a rabbit that lives on the moon, however that's the only relation between the tale and General Rabbit.