Act 2, Curtain 1

  • I love this forest! One gullible woodland creature after the other.
  • Once I darkify the Moonwood and offer it to the Moon Bear King as tribute, I will be on Easily Street!
  • "Sakura, sakura! Dying far as you can see!"
  • The Moonwood Shrine...Time to "spruce up" the spruces!

Act 2, Curtain 2

  • A very good day to you, sir and madam. What an honour it is to meet the one and only Mother and Father Cedar.
  • "With just one gulp of Plum Miraculixir, you can kiss the problems good-bye!"

Act 2, Curtain 3

  • Wait! Hold the horses! I am a bystanding innocent!
  • No, Snake! For crying out loud! I am on your side! It is me, Raaaaaaaaats!
  • "I am not liking the taste of my own medicine!"

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