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General Robo Dog
Remake Of General Dog








Puppeteer (PS3)

""This is General Dog? what happened to him?!"
Pikarina, to General Monkey.

General Robo Dog is a improve version of General Dog, Though Pikarina thought it was General dog himself, as many did. It was actually General Dog's dog, a mood breed known as the Craterbull who volunteered to become general robo dog to avenge his master. He acts as the last Boss of Act 5.


He is a large, gorilla-like robot, who is made-up of machine parts and loaded with weapons. He also has two batteries on his shoulders, and has a collar somewhat resembling a horseshoe that contains the Moonstones acting as a power source.


General Robo Dog possesses immense strength and is faster than his size would suggest. His tail can ram into foes at high speed, and he can fire missiles from his shoulders, which he uses while flying. He can seemingly create balls of electricity.


  • While being more serious and powerful than General Dog himself, he still has dog instincts and personality traits, such as taking Kutaro's bombs as a game of fetch, and getting distracted by a bone.

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