General Rooster
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Rooster With His Wing








Puppeteer (PS3)

Voice By

Daniel Curshen

"My beautiful ...plumage!"
— General Rooster

A strange General who works with Rabbit. He seems rather stuck up and effeminate, wasting his time with tea alongside Rabbit in the Land of Time's topiary garden maze. He searches for Mr. Pink in order to take control of the Moon Clock.


He is a rooster with a very loud-colored plumage. His feathers are red in the main, and instead of a crested head, he has a pompadour hairdo. He wears a corset with heart designs all over it.


Rooster is a selfish show-off with a passion for teatime. Confident in his looks, he will take any chance to spread out his plumage for all to see. Though loyal to the Moon Bear King, Rooster quickly forgets his duties in favor of a relaxing teatime. General Rabbit is his tea companion. Strange how these two get along... It must be the soothing effects of a fine Darjeeling.


General Rooster, alongside General Rabbit, is charged with ruling over the Land of Time and fixing the Clock Tower. However, they neglected their duties for tea parties.


  • Despite General Rooster being a male rooster, he can and has laid eggs. Apparently, because he simply wanted to.
  • After using fire to try and torch Kutaro, the puppet cuts off the plume on his head and the wing Kutaro sent flying earlier in the event cooks him alive. A rather Karmic Death considering he's a rooster.