General Sheep
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General Sheep appear in Puppeteer (PS3)








Puppeteer (PS3)

Voice By

David Holt

"How dare ye pour one without me, ye scurvy bacon bit!"
— General Sheep

General Sheep The second half of the pirate general duo. As greedy as Pig, but is less willing to let his wealth go to waste. Is more intelligent than Pig, making the rational thoughts for the duo. He and Pig may fight sometimes, but they still work together well as a team.


General Sheep is obviously a sheep, with a pirate-esque hat. His body is covered in fluffy white wool, but his overall figure is slim and tall. He has the curved horns of a Merino ram and a long beard and moustache. He is armed with a pair of blunderbusses he wields like pistols.


Greedy is Sheep's middle name. He refuses to abandon his lust for gold and trinkets of all kinds. He can also be a skinflint. Upon seeing Kutaro’s arrest warrant, General Pig makes immediate preparations to seek him out at sea, but Sheep mocks this idea, claiming such a move to be a waste of time and fuel while they have no leads to follow. Sheep’s allegiance to the Moon Bear King seems fragile at best…best when there is money involved. Since they are both fiercely greedy, Sheep fights constantly with General Pig over the division of treasure and food, but they are nevertheless close partners…as long as they are making a tidy profit.


Along with General Pig, General Sheep was charged with Ruling the Moonshine Sea and eliminating possible threats such as the Pirate Captain Gaff and the denizens of the deep sea. Recently, their other task have been to capture the "Thief of Calibrus", Kutaro.


  • Many fan's thought General Sheep was a lamb
  • General Sheep Stretches his "A"s when he talks.
  • During the battle with Captain Gaff, when General Pig was in trouble, Sheep came to the rescue, but the only reason he saved Pig at all was so that he could pay him money he owed Sheep. This moment also serves as a good example of General Sheep's greed and the relationship between Pig and Sheep.
  • General Sheep's jolly roger is a Capricorn.
  • Sheep's head can be seen in the cutscene in the beginning of Act 4 Curtain 3 in the foreground, while Pig's head is in the background, showing they both died either when they exploded, or if the Moon Bear King killed them after.