General Snake's venom is a dangerous toxic substance produced by General Snake, it is considered the "deadliest substance in the solar system".


General Snake's body coursed with venom and once General Snake was given a moonstone shard, it upped the strength of his poison big time! General snake's venom was so bad, a few drops could wither away an entire forest and can kill any creature in mere seconds. This power made General Snake a danger to all, even the other Generals and the Moon Bear King, he eventually had to be locked up under Castle Grizzlestein, were the moon Bear King forced him to produce poison to use for future projects, such as Plum Miraculixer.

Later General Snake was freed in order to capture Kutaro. With General Snake's powerful venom at his disposal, he quickly turned the entire Moonwood forest into a desert wasteland. after surviving a close call with General Snake's venom inside the beast himself, Kutaro defeated General Snake and put an end to his venom once and for all.

in the picture book: The Witch's Book Of Recipes, Ezma Potts used a secret ingredient, "a little something you can find at the castle basement" in her dish to make happiness. After giving to Ying-Yang to taste test. He claimed it tasted amazing just before dying, soon to be revealed as snakes venom, in moderation.


  • General Snake's venom is similar to General Rat's Plum Miraculixer. especially since rats Plum Miraculixer is partly made with snakes venom. However snakes venom kills its victim, while Rats Plum Miraculixer mutates or darkified its victims.


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