Snake spends his days oppressed, constantly waiting for his chance to shine. Snake obeys the Moon Bear King, but feels bitter about his lot, every day being constrained and denied the chance to show his full potential. He is self-confident, but taciturn. He also has no respect for his peers, especially the ineffectual General Rat.

Snake is known for having venom coursing through his body, and the Moonstone's power made it "the deadliest substance in the Solar System." The Moon Bear King found this reckless and uncontrollable ability revolting, and had Snake lock beneath the Black Castle and forced to produce toxic brews for Rat to use. Snake cursed his fated often and waited for his chance to be free to show what he can really do.

His chance came when the Moon Bear King ordered him to stop toxin production and sent him to do what Rat was unable to do: Destroy Kutaro and the Moonwood along with him if necessary. Happy with this opportunity, Snake took the mission and began to destroy the woods with his toxin and leave nothing but desert in his wake, all to kill Kutaro, while having eaten Rat alive. He managed to devour Kutaro as well, but fortunately his small size made it possible for Kutaro to survive and end up within his intestines. With Rat's help, Kutaro made out of Snake. After one final face-off, he was defeated when Kutaro sliced him to pieces and claimed his Moonstone.

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