General Tiger
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Gender Male
Species Tiger
Games Puppeteer
Status Deceased
Voice By Christopher Fairbank

"You'll never defeat me, boy!"
— General Tiger, to Kutaro during their first face-off.

General Tiger is the first general Kutaro must face. He appears to be Moon Bear King's right-hand man, but is easily taken down by Kutaro in the first Act. He was apparently a complete coward before the rise of the Moon Bear King, and still is, beating the weak, but cowardly serving the powerful.


He's a gigantic tiger with a Moonstone Shard for his left canine. His tail ends with a spiked iron ball, like a mace.


Considering Tiger was seen working close to the Moon Bear King, it can be assumed that he is among the Moon Bear King's inner circle (this includes Generals Dragon and Monkey) perhaps even his third in command.

Tiger appears to be in charge of Castle Grizzlestein (perhaps even the Moon Wastes if the Generals do each command an area of the moon) as he was seen commanding the castle forces, though it could be he was simply the closest general in the vicinity.

After his defeat at the hands of Kutaro, he was made into a rug for the Moon Bear King's bed, showing that the tyrant holds him in little regard.


General Tiger comes with sharp claws ready to slice, and large fangs ready to chomp! Tiger also has a morning star weapon on his tail and has mastery over lightning.


Tiger is encountered numerous times during the events of Act 1, Curtain 3. The final battle occurs after he swallows Pikarina. He has a plethora of deadly attacks, some of which won't be seen if the battle is done correctly. His first attack is to conduct lightning with his paw and strike the ground, creating a ripple of electricity. Jump to avoid this. Then, as you saw earlier in the level, he will swipe across the stage with his paw. Block this attack to strike the first blow against the feline. Perform a QTE to knock his fang lose and then use Calibrus to climb up his fur and cut out his fang. Repeat the process again and then Kutaro will be able to perform the last QTE to cut out all of Tiger's teeth and knock him out.


  • If Kutaro has the Pikarina head during the boss fight, he can trigger Pikarina (Whom Tiger previously swallowed) to start knocking around in his stomach, stunning him and allowing Kutaro to skip the fight straight to the QTE finisher sequence.
  • He is the only general to actually be seen with the Moon Bear King for most of his screen time.