Earlier in his life, Tiger was a complete coward, but now like a true paper tiger, he kowtows to the tough, and browbeats the weak. Reflecting his personality, General Tiger has a slightly lewd turn of phrase. Tiger is overawed and obsequious to the Moon Bear King to an unnecessary degree. He treats the Witch, Ying-Yang, the puppets, and the grubs with a haughty superiority.

He serves as the Moon Bear King's loyal and personal bodyguard, though it looks as though he didn't really need one. He is first seen when the Bear Tyrant turned Pikarina into a pixie, worrying about the Sun's burning temper. When Calibrus is stolen by Kutaro, he is order to track him down. When interrogating Ezma Potts about his whereabouts, he accidently let slip the location of the Knight's Powers in the Prison Towers in front of him, which he realized later to his horror as he chased after Kutaro. His first encounter was after Kutaro found the Knight's shield, which he used along with Calibrus to damage his left paw. Their official face-off was when reached the top and swallows Pikarina after Kutaro freed her. Despite his powers, his was defeated when Kutaro cuts out all of his teeth and knocked him unconscious by him and Pikarina, which caused his moonstone tooth to fall out and be claimed by Kutaro. For his failure, he was turned into the Tyrant's bed rug.

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