Battle Quote

  • "You'll never defeat me, boy!"
  • "Bad news―I chew before I shallow!"
  • "I'll whittle you down to size, you little gnat!"
  • "Here, help me sharpen my claws!"
  • "Keep your filthy mitts off my fang!"
  • "You've got a tiger by the tail, boy!"
  • "Relax, this will hurt for a second...."
  • "Stop that, you runt!"
  • "Ow! Don't do that!

Normal Quote

  • "When I find the idiot who blabbed about the knight in front of― Noooooo!"
  • "There you are! You vexatious thief!, Ready to become sawdust?"
  • "I'll get you for this! Mark my words!"

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