God Of The Sea
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Puppeteer (PS3)


Moonshine Sea

"What the heck was that? So this big guy is the God of the Sea?"

The God Of The Sea, known to most as god of the sea, he is the underwater ruler of the Moonshine Sea and the owner of the sushi shop: Trident Sushi.


The God Of The Sea is a merman who has muscular arms, a big belly, and has a white beard, along with his crown and seaweed. he usually carries a trident.

Powers and Abilities

The God of the Sea, with his Trident, has power over all the forces of the ocean. He can control the waves and sea creatures like the squid, banish evil such as the magic oil and can make the ocean bright and beautiful again. His trident can grant magical powers.

As a merman, he can swim through the water with ease, speak clearly underwater and can communicate with sea creatures. Due to his gigantic size, the sea god posseses great strenght.


  • He is based on Neptune, Roman god of freshwater and the sea.
  • He refers to all his undersea denizens as sushi, this can be seen when he yells to kutaro: you must save my ocean! my scrumptious ika and uni, my ikura and ebi, and especially my toro. oh! and don't forget the anago and hotate, and all the other edible white fishes and otherwise.
  • He doesn't share the same taste in singing as the mermaids do, and even tells them to shut up when they were interrupting him.

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