The Real Grim Reaper of the Moon.


Just like a regular grim reaper, he appears as a skeleton in a black robe with a large scythe. Seems to not have any legs.


""A Hallowee Ville spook who used to be the town's scariest. but once the Moon Bear King gave the locals a real taste of death, the farmer guy in the mangy robe just didn't seem scary. Mr. Reaper later tried to sue the weaver who stole his routine--but good luck winning in the tyrant's court of law." ."
Reaper Head

After losing his role as grim reaper to the Grim Reaper Weaver, he simply faded away from the lime light. However, after Kutaro defeated the Reaper Weaver, he was back in business. He can be seen in the game following the use of the reaper head in General Robo Dog's boss fight. During which, he comes out of the nearby screen, scaring Pikarina and alerting General Robo Dog and flies over next to him and cuts him in half (skipping past the first part of the battle), he then fly's back to where he came from.