A giant Grub covered with spikes


Puppeteer (PS3)


Moon Kingdom

"Deftly and darkly, the grubs descended upon our trembling hero. But locked within each of them was the soul of a child just as scared as him."

Grubs are small, purple creatures that serve the Moon Bear King. They are made with children's Souls.


Grubs have purple skin and have one glowing eye, a stitched-up smile, and wear a mask. They also have long claws.


The Grubs were created by The Moon Bear King, who made them with the souls of children who either rebelled against him or failed him as a puppet. They seem to have lost their will and serve the Moon Bear King without question, servings as either soldiers or bodyguards often. They are seen all over the Moon, trying to stop Kutaro. When Kutaro defeats them, their souls are free, and return back to Earth.


  • If a Grub fall into a gap, their souls won't come out.
  • There's 592 Grubs in the game, meaning 592 souls to save.
  • Though evil, they show some signs of kindness or heart, such as one being seen during the scene in Act 4 Curtain 3, when the moon bear king is taking a bath, hugging a plush. They also cry at night, according to the book the Witches Book of Recipes.