Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman Need A Pumpkins






Puppeteer (PS3)

""Head! HEAD!"
— Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman, is a headless ghost, who's also the mayor of Halloween Ville and father of Nebula Oblongata.


He's Headless , wears a long cape and rides a horse.


The Headless Horseman is the mayor of Halloween Vile, and use to be not so headless, that was of course before Nebula made him headless. He still carried on as mayor of Halloween ville until General Monkey kicked him out of his home, turned it into his own laboratory, and had his head stolen by the Grim Reaper Weaver. Thus his body ran around the land screaming "Head! HEAD!" until it was recovered, thanks to Kutaro. Later meeting up with his daughter and the folks of Halloween Ville, he rallied the angry mob and opened the door to Monkey's lab ready for the assault! However along with the mod, chickened out on the last second and ran away, leaving Kutaro and Pikarina to face monkey on their own.


  • This would make him the only other living headless being in the moon. the other being Kutaro obviously.

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