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Puppeteer (PS3)

With his normal head stolen by the Moon Bear King, Kutaro must utilize over a hundred magical replacements heads to stay alive until he can recover his real one. Each of these heads have certain effects on the surroundings, depending on the head. Some of these heads are more versatile than the others, namely the heads of the of the Four Heroes of the Moon, which holds their powers. These heads, along with Calibrus, are Kutaro's best and only chance of defeating the Moon Bear King and finding his way home.

Normal Heads

These replaceable heads serves two purposes to Kutaro. The foremost and most important function, keeping him alive! Without one he'll fall to pieces and lose a life, and if he loses all his lives....well let's just say that Kutaro will find himself in a long sleep in more box-like the ground mark by a stone tablet of sorts. Unless Kutaro wants to understand and experience that meaning himself (highly unadvisable), he should keep up to three heads and hold on to them as if his life depends on it.. because it kind of does. One other function they have is that depending on the head he wears, he can affect certain objects and his surroundings. This time around, using your head can change the world, literally. Sounds like something Kutaro will find handy in his harrowing journey home. He should keep an eye out for any head he can find.


Act 1

1: Skull Head

2: Spider Head

3: Burger Head

4: Ying-Yang Head

5: Bat Head

6: Banana Head

7: Lock Head

8: Crown Head

9: Vile Vine Head

10: Iron Ball Head

11: Wynken Head

12: Guillotine Head

13: Pikarina Head

14: Tiger Head

Act 2

15: Caterpillar Head

16: Koi-Nobori Head

17: Panda Head

18: Cherry Tree Head

19: Jizo Statue Head

20: Paper Lantern Head

21: Taiko Drum Head

22: Mushroom Head

23: Kappagaeru Sprog Head

24: Acorn Head

25: Cedar Couple Head

26: Rat Head

27: Mummy Head

28: Snake Head

Act 3

29: Jolly Lambham Head

30: Fishing Rod Head

31: Balloonfish Head

32: Shark Head

33: Sword Head

34: Treasure Chest Head

35: Sushi Head

36: Squid Head

37: Jellyfish Head

38: Octopus Head

39: Submarine Head

40: Crab Head

41: Sheep Head

42: Pig Head

Act 4

43: Prairie Dog Head

44: Fossil Head

45: Moon Witch Head

46: Guitar Head

47: Cowboy Head

48: Six-Shooter Head

49: Steak Head

50: Lion Head

51: Locomotive Head

52: Horse Head

53: Castanets Head

54: Rocket Head

55: Bull Head

Act 5

56: Pumpkin Head

57: Cake Head

58: Ghost Head

59: Candy Head

60: Brain Head

61: Candy House Head

62: Blynken Head

63: Nod Head

64: Nebula Head

65: Garlic Head

66: Devil Head

67: Owl Head

68: Angel Head

69: Reaper Head

70: Robot Head

71: Dog Head

Act 6

72: Clock Head

73: Star Head

74: Playing Cards Head

75: Elephant Head

76: Rabbit Head

77: Topiary Head

78: Beehive Head

79: Ladybug

80: Triceratops Head

81: Teacup Head

82: Gargoyle Head

83: Rooster Head

84: Mr. Pink Head

85: Dragon Head

Act 7

86: Yeti Head

87: Snowman Head

88: Christmas Tree Head

89: Penguin Head

90: UFO Head

91: Monkey Head

92: Fighter Plane Head

93: Gaff Head

94: Moon Goddess Head

95: White Castle Head

96: Grub Head

97: Black Castle Head

98: Moon Bear King Head

99: Little Bear Head

100: Kutaro Head

Heads of the Four Heroes of the Moon

Unlike the other heads, these four heads are guaranteed to be the most useful, as they are all that remains of the Four Heroes of the Moon after their revolution against the Moon Bear King ended with their tragic demise. These heads still held their powers, allowing Kutaro to gain access to their special abilities. Quite fortunate, since Kutaro is going to need all the help he can get and every advantage he can find if he is to stand a ghost of a chance against the Bear Tyrant and his dark legion of minions. Unfortunately, the Moon Bear King is not going to just allow anyone to get their hands on the champions' powers, now is he?

Special Heads

1: Knight Head

2: Ninja Head

3: Pirate Head

4: Wrestler Head