How Nebula's Heart Sank


Puppeteer (PS3)

How Nebula's Heart Sank is a storybook in Puppeteer. It details the life of Nebula and her misery.

How Nedula's Heart Sank

Poor... poor Nebula all alone without a friend her own, Why isn't no one seen thing my way? am i last out here in the dessert of cleanshaid. Outside my house i get scare at and mock in the street i hear stickcole and i walk, i sirpose of above them it they who other, even daddy and me like oil and water if mommy were still here she tell me the truth about my real father who were farlist of chot and the galaxy which i came. Look at these wieldo on halloween night this gatter of ghost his wobble white they caime to be hown folk all dress up spook if i be foon by i be monster poop. they not even living there worst then undead they just wear the costume play with your head and i'm human like me. but all what the point what does it matter the whole world can convent us madder it which case it time i made them will all see, on which the truth i'll sent myself free. i looked at my daddy their leader dissky a room to a fused a blank of eye you won't call me Susan again.