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"Living in the lake were adorable little creatures known as the Kappagaeru"

The Kappagaeru are a race of frog-like creatures that live in the Moonwood, specifically Lake Cedrus. They are capable of speech and enjoy festivals. There used to be many, however General Rat's spread of Plum Miraculixer had triggered a most unpleasant metamorphosis, and the few Kappagaeru who dodged the bullet, now faced extinction at the hands of their psychopathic relative.

Stages and Life cycle

Kappagaeru Sprogs: Are baby Kappagaeru, All raised in their mothers mouth, Some tend to get swallowed, but at least their that much closer to their mother.

Kappagaeru Kid: They are most commonly seen at this age, here they appear as walking talking frogs, and wear a hat to cover the budding "flower" on top of their head. They love to have fun and play around, holding many festivals at this age.

Kappagaeru Mating: Explored in a bonus level, at a certain age the Kappagaeru hold a big festival underwater usually climaxed with Kappagaeru romping about in the dark, forging romances, and finding creative ways to increase the Kappagaeru population.

Kappagaeru Adult: At this stage their full grown, complete with a large flower or plant on top of their head and a big shell on their back. Males tend to wear crowns.

Notable Kappagaeru

Kappagaeru Mamma


  • They are entirely based on the Japanese Yōkai and cryptid: Kappa (河童?,"river-child"), Mostly in appearance and name.
  • The hat the Kappagaeru children are wearing are known as a kasa (笠?), a type of many traditional hats of Japan, following there Japanese theme.

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