Knight Head
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Kutaro with the Knight Head.

Found In

Castle Grizzlestein


Block attacks, Shields


Puppeteer (PS3)

One of the Four Heroes of the Moon's heads, filled with the power of the knight.


A knight's helmet, with three feathers on top, a full brown beard, and a shield to go over-face.


The sworn protector of the Moon Goddess. As Castle Wax Wane's proudest knight, he fearlessly ran into danger and defended comrades in need. He was lauded for his bravery... but, it turns out he was just some chicken-hearted loser who woke up with a magic shield one day and realized what he could get away with.

His remains, in the form of a scratched-up shield, was sealed away by the Moon Bear King in one of his towers behind a wall. After Kutaro defeated the Knight Weaver, the wall broke and Kutaro claimed the knight's powers.


The Knight's head comes with the ability to use his shield to block attacks and even turn the attack against the attacker, it's shown that it can reflect light beams too.