Knight Weaver


Puppeteer (PS3)


Castle Grizzlestein

""It seems that the pawn has become a knight.""

The Knight Weaver is the boss fought at the end of Act 1, Curtain 2. He forms after a Pawn Weaver transforms after absorbing more souls.


The Knight Weaver resembles a larger Pawn with a horse head. Like his smaller counterpart, he has a flaming axe and a large, fabric cape.


Like the pawn, the Knight Weaver will begin by swinging his axe close to the ground. Jump to avoid this easily. After this, he will launch upward and imbed his head into the ground. This is easy to avoid as he always lands in the middle of the stage. When he lands, use the springs and seams on the side of the stage to get to his cape. Make about 7-10 cuts to destroy the cape. The knight's shoulder plate will begin to detach and he will fly into the air. Ascend his long cape to finish the job on his shoulder plate. You have to repeat this process two more times. After the first, the knight will gain a new attack. He will slam his axe into the ground four to five times, following you as he goes. Just keep moving and roll to avoid this. He will also use his low swing more often. His cape will also get thinner after his armor loosens. When his head is severed, pop the Soul Balloons to finish the fight.


It is possible to get onto the knights cape without using the springs. When he first lands, his cape might flap downwards and to the sides. Making it possible to jump on it from right beside the knight.

It doesn't matter where the cape is cut, and if you cut from the bottom, it might fly away. Always cut from the top to ensure success.