Puppeteer (PS3)




Moonshine Sea

"Prepare to be slurped!"
— Kraken

The Kraken is a giant octopus, monster of legend, who lives in the deep sea. He also owns his own sushi restaurant and is the boss fight of Act 3: Curtain 2.


The Kraken is a huge red octopus, that has a porthole window for his mouth and wears a sushi chef outfit. He also has a port hole window on top of his head.


The Kraken was the legendary beast of lore, and top sea monster of the Moonshine Sea. At some point he stole the Trident from the God Of The Sea, which allowed Pig and Sheep to pollute the sea with their magic dark oil. which did a number on the legendary kraken, and transformed him into a demonic butcher who chopped off the local marine life, gussied up their corpses, and devoured their flesh raw. He created a sushi restaurant simply called: Kraken Sushi.

Then some time after, Kutaro and Pikarina came to his restaurant, the place the beast calls home, and tried to steal the trident back. The Kraken, however, fought back, and tried to make a meal out of Kutaro instead. Then, after dodging some bad sushi, running around his kitchen and slicing of some of his tentacles. He was ultimately defeated by Kutaro with a final blow to the forehead. Kraken is knocked out and falls, and Kutaro successfully gets back the trident!


  • His boss fight is similar to the fight against the Vile Vines in act 7: Curtain 2 as well as that of the Generals Bull, Horse, and Rabbit.
  • His reason for stealing the Trident is unknown, but it could be that since the Kraken and The God Of The Sea have rival Sushi shops, it was an act on sabotage, knowing that without his trident, the God Of The Sea would become too weak to run his shop.