Lake Cedrus
Lake Cedrus




Puppeteer (PS3)

""And now for Lake Cedrus!"
— General Rat

Lake Cedrus is a large lake found in the Moonwood, its the home of Kappagaeru. It used to be very beautiful and peaceful, That was until it was polluted by General Rat and his Plum Miraculixer. It has then become a bleak and dirty swamp full of danger.


Lake Cedrus appears like a type of dark, dead, swamp that is covered  with General Rat's Poison or "Plum Miraculixer". Its also full of dead trees, Emergents, and lily pads.


  • Cedrus, is a genus of coniferous trees in the plant family Pinaceae.
  • Cedrus is also related to Cedar or Cedar wood, of which refers to the Cedar Couple.

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