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Land of Time


Puppeteer (PS3)


Moon Kingdom

"Light and dark decide if it's quarter to a nightmare or half past a daydream"

Its the stage of Act 6 and where Kutaro fights General Rabbit, Rooster and Dragon. Its also where the Moon Clock is found and where Kutaro meets Mr. Pink. However, time has gone wacky since the Moon Clock broke.


The Land Of Time is a Wonderland/England themed land Filled with stars and magical playing cards! Complete with a giant clock tower and a Huge magic garden.


Moon Clock 
Mr.Pink's Garden
Rabbit's Wormhole


  • This level has several Alice in Wonderland references and themes. Some examples includes:
  1. General Rabbit with his clock, claiming he's late.
  2. The tea party between Rabbit and Rooster.

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