Mean Moon Mountains


Moon Realm


Puppeteer (PS3)

"Hot on General Monkey's heels, Kutaro and Pikarina stumbled into a steep snowy Mess of peaks called the Mean Moon Mountains"

The Mean Moon Mountains are a series of snowy mountains and frozen volcanos at the edge of the Moon Realm. Its home to a tribe of creatures called Moon Yeti, and deep within a volcano a secret rocket station for General Monkey.


The Mean Moon Mountains is a frozen Christmas land, filled with blizzards and icy terrors.


  • Curtain 1 is only curtain the Mean Moon Mountains appear in due to the rest of Act 7 taking place at Castle Wax Wane and Castle Grizzlestein.
  • In this level you can see a female yeti winking at you.
  • Apparently, Santa clause has his own lair in the Mean Moon Mountains.

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