Moon Clock
The Moon Clock
The Moon Clock At Land Of Time


Land of Time


Puppeteer (PS3)

The Moon Clock is a clock tower in the center of Land of Time in the Moon Realm which controls when a child dream and what kind of dreams they have at a certain time. Its even control the Land of Time's landscape through time. Unfortunately, the Moon Bear King has a more sinister and diabolical plan in mind for the clock.


Despite being a clock tower, it is not used to to tell time, it instead shape children's dreams and when they have them, it also shape the landscape of the Land of Time. It also needs a warden to keep it, dreamtime and the Land of Time in check or alter it. However, this function can be abused, as if the clock hands are stopped at midnight, dream time will freeze at its darkest hour, trapping all of Earth's children in an inescapable, perpetual nightmare, leaving their Souls vulnerable for theft from beings such as the Moon Bear King.


  • Before Mr. Pink could say who created the Moon Clock, he was caught off by Pikarina. So the true watchmaker remains unknown.
  • The Moon Clock shares obvious similarity to Big Ben in London.