Moon Goddess
Gender Female
Species Goddess
Games Puppeteer
Status Alive

"Little Bear, that power is too much for you. Give it back."
— Moon Goddess

The true ruler of the Moon Kingdom, before the Moon Bear King betrayed her after being corrupted by the power of the Black Moonstone.


The Moon Goddess wears a white dress covered in light and some small stars, she also has a moon crescent cutout throw (naturally) her head. Her skin is pale and she is tall and thin.


The Moon Goddess is a very kind and pure hearted being. She cares for her subjects. The Moon Goddess wants her kingdom to have a balance, light side and dark side. She enjoys the company of animals.

Powers and Abilities

As shown by Kutaro's Moon Goddess head, the Moon Goddess has the power to create powerful blasts of golden, white and silver meteor-like balls of light. She can also cast spells and enchantments, shown when she cursed Captain Gaff, so that every beautiful woman he looked at would appear as hideous monsters.


  • In the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, a 10th-century Japanese folktale. There was a princess of the moon, Princess Kaguya who bears some similarities to the Moon Goddess.