The Moonstone is the source of the Moon Goddess's power and what keeps the balance in the Moon Kingdom in check. There is a light side and a dark side. The Moon Bear King took the moonstone and separated them to their two parts. A yellow/white moonstone that represented the light and a purple/black moonstone that represented the darkness. The Moon Bear King kept the dark side and smashed the light side to pieces, otherwise known as the Moonstone Shards.

Moonstone Shards

The Moonstone Shards are pieces of the White Moon Stone, which was broken into 12 pieces by the Moon Bear King, where he gave one to each of his Twelve Generals for safe keeping. Some of the generals also used the shards' powers for there own goals.

List Of Moonstone Shards


The White Moonstone about to be reunited.

  • General Tiger Stone: Is a Tiger Tooth Moonstone
  • General Rat Stone: Is a Poison Glass Moonstone
  • General Snake Stone: Is a Snake Moonstone
  • General Pig Stone: Is a Pork chop Moonstone
  • General Sheep Stone: Is a Sheep Horn Moonstone
  • General Horse Stone: Is a Carrot Moonstone
  • General Bull Stone: Is a Bull Horns Moonstone
  • General Dog Stone: Is a Dog Bone Moonstone
  • General Monkey Stone: Is a Banana Moonstone
  • General Rabbit Stone: Is a Magical Hat Moonstone
  • General Rooster Stone: Is a Chicken Moonstone
  • General Dragon Stone: Is a Earth (With A Dragon On It) Moonstone.

Moonstone Power


I would be mad to give up this type of power!

Despite being the power source to the Moon and the Moon Goddess, the Moonstone Shards also had other uses or powers, such as General Snake's shard turning his venom into the deadliest substance in the universe, or General Dragon's Moon Shard allowing him to slow time or levitate objects when he used it on Kutaro at the end of his boss fight so he can eat him. General Monkey also mention the kind of power they hold and used some of them as a power source for General Robo Dog.