Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink!
Mr. Pink appear in Puppeteer (PS3)






Puppeteer (PS3)

"Really. I hope you're happy with yourself, I went through all that trouble to hide myself, but what's the point exactly if you're going to march into my garden and mercilessly snip away at my disguise, I might as well be wearing a lampshade, I mean I'd probably itch less, not that you care."
— Mr. Pink

Galahagrid Mulberry Timesawestin, GMT, or better known as Mr. Pink, is an eminent scholar of all things clocklogical and the warden of the Moon Clock, as well as the watchmen/general manager of "dreamtime", appointed by the Moon Goddess herself.


Mr. Pink appears to be a pink Flamingo wearing an open black tux and wearing a monocle.


  • Mr. Pink is one of the three characters to talk back to the narrator G. The other two being Pikarina and the Moon Bear King.
  • spicy food is considered to silence the otherwise very talkative Mr. Pink.
  • Mr. Pink did not create the Moon clock and the true creator is unknown.
  • interestingly, in dreams, a  flamingo is a symbol of Having a higher perspective or understanding, rising above the fray or having an advantage such as being more mature or secure with oneself. which kind of describes Mr. pink.