Act 6, Curtain 2

  • "Really. I hope you're happy with yourself, I went through all that trouble to hide myself, but what's the point exactly if you're going to march into my garden and mercilessly snip away at my disguise, I might as well be wearing a lampshade, I mean I'd probably itch less, not that you care."
  • (after asking if he knows who Kutaro is)"Lost soul, rightful bearer of Calibrus, hero of the moon, yes yes all very obvious very clear to the naked eye. But you see, that's why I'm getting pernickety, you're being far too reckless, you probably ride your bicycle at night without a helmet, and do you really expect to defeat the Moon Bear King like that, really? But never mind, what's done is done, milk spilt, not crying, moving on, corrective measures can be taken, proverbial mop for the proverbial dairy disaster, yes?"

Act 6, Curtain 3

Bonus Stage

  • (using head trigger to enter bonus Stage) Oh my gracious, lad, what have you done, which is to say what are you doing with MY head? There can't be two of yours truly, unless...YES. Of course, now I see, everything is perfectly clear. Come, lad, let's get right down to it.
  • So, you think you can go beak to beak with old GMT, that is to say Galahagrid Mulberry Timesawestin, aka Mr. Pink, in the field of gentlemanly rhetoric? Fiddlesticks! While I salute your linguistic limberness and duly note a certain congruence in our countenances--purely inconsequential, mind you--I find you woefully presumptuous to presume your words are half as sumptuous or as scintillating as mine, though no doubt you mean to match me retort for riposte, would it be fair to assume that? Because I generally don't like jumping to conclusions, they lead to contusions, and hold on a moment, am I talking to myself? as in my real self, not the alter self from you by which I've been presented?
  • You know you ought to relish this chance to have a literal and not-at-all figurative internal monologue, even if it's really my monologue and not yours, but really what's the difference as long as you've got a lawn ornament for a head--or wait, I suppose this is a symbolic gesture, you know, like you're non-metaphorically cutting through all the B and/or S and/or other letters I'm abstractly expectorating in your general direction?
  • (Talking back to G, the narrator) And you! You should be ashamed of yourself, prattling on objectively like you're not part of this.

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