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Nine Lives


Puppeteer (PS3)

Nine Lives is the first storybook in Puppeteer. It details the life of Ying-Yang and how he lost eight or rather seven of his nine lives.

Nine Lives

Page 1

-All cats, even Moon-cats, have nine lives.

-Behold Castle Grizzlestein, aka the Black Castle. doesn't sound very welcoming, dose it? Not that this cat minded.

-The witch lucky enough to be his mistress--one Ezma Potts--had a nice, warm kitchen, with plenty of nooks just the right size for a catnap.

-"If I didn't know better, I'd think I had a sloth for a pet," said the witch, who was wising up to the cat's hiding places.

-He remembered more exciting old days, when he'd served the Moon Goddess instead.

-"It wasn't always like this, "he purred, signaling a flashback on the next page.

Page 2

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