"I suck your blood!"
— Nosferatu

Nosferatu, a vampire who moved from the earth to the moon, the player meets him in the graveyard, hearing his whole speech about his life unlocks the trophy: Nosferatu Blues


Nosferatu wear's a suite with a cape, has big ears, pale skin, and fangs


He's a very sad vampre, moping around about how curse he is as a vampire, and how the current generation does not scare so easily anymore. He moved to the moon after being told there's no sun, but finds things worse when all there is for him to bite is (puppets, monsters, and freaks).

He is later seen in the land of time, (if you use the clock head) behind a clock/window, where he is sucking the blood of General Rabbit's assistant, before flying off in bat form screaming: YES! THIS IS EXACTLY THE REACTION I SO DESPERATELY WANTED!


  • You must hear his whole speech about his life unlocks the trophy: Nosferatu Blues