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Puppeteer (PS3)

"Tuna? Might I recommend Octopus?"
— Octopus

Octopus is a sushi worker, working for his boss the Kraken. He considers making sushi an art form, and often fights with the customers about want to make. His specialty is octopus (ironically).


A standard red octopus with some black spots, and dressed in a sushi cook outfit.


A stickler for tradition and quality who quit his chefs job at trident sushi after a spat with his boss, the god of the sea. things looked better at kraken sushi, where he was given a stake in business, but he quickly tired of his partner's profits-first mindset. still, nobody rolls octopus like an octopus.

--Octopus head.

He can be seen and Pikarina can talk to him, if you have the sushi head at Kraken's sushi and use it at the right moments.


  • Since Kraken's defeat, it can be assumed he took control of his ex-partner's sushi shop and is now boss.

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