Gender Female
Games Puppeteer (PS3)
Epithet Princess of the Sun, Big Mouth Pixie (By the Three Mermaids)
Status Alive
Voice By Julie Rogers

"Okay, let's do the other eleven!"
— Pikarina

Princess Pikarina is the daughter of the Sun and the second and main sidekick to Kutaro. She came to Castle Grizzlestein in order to find out what had happened to the Moon Goddess, but the Moon Bear King captured her and turned her into a puppet/pixie in order to keep her father at bay. Kutaro rescues her and she becomes his new companion after Ying-Yang refuses to come with them across the Moon Kingdom. Pikarina is voiced by Julie Rogers.


In her puppet form: She appears to very young and short and has red hair and a red dress complete with yellow flame marks. In two-player mode, she glows bright yellow.

In her true form: She appears to be teen size and age, has light brown Hair and two hair Buns, and has white skin. and wear's a red princess dress, with a yellow sun mark on the side. And has striped socks with white slippers.


She's whiny, wise-cracking, hypocritical, pretty violent, and just downright rude (intentional or not) towards nearly everyone in the game (some being more deserving of it than others), but shows genuine concern for others and has her heart in the right place, and tries to do what she can to help Kutaro. She has a fiery temper, but a good heart alongside being very brave. She cares deeply for others and always seeks to help (even if they don't want her help). She likes to have fun and likes cute animals and has a big appetite.


  • Given how Kutaro is a silent protagonist, Pikarina ends up speaking on his behalf, even calling herself his tag-partner and manager during his fight with General Bull.
  • In the middle of Act 2, when she reveals that she was the Princess of the Sun to Kutaro. Soon after this revelation, forest animals and trees alike begin singing in devotion to her, something which Pikarina despises.
  • It's revealed throughout Act 3 that she is a massive fan of sushi. However, she considers the best food of all is pizza.
  • Pikarina also tends to break the fourth wall whenever she is in disagreement with the Narrator.
  • It's revealed that Pikarina loves fire-works! This is stated in Act 2 Curtain 1 at the Moonwood Shrine and During Act 4 when watching fire-works pointing out that she finds them amazing and a little romantic.
  • In her true form she is shown to have brown hair but in her "pixie" form she has red hair.
  • In her Pixie form she is shown to be quite strong in many instances lifting objects a good deal bigger then herself. Such notable examples include when she lifted Tiger's massive head of the ground and slammed it hard, another example could be when she throws the Moonwood animals around when she went berserk.